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    The experience you provide to clients–from the first interaction until you say ‘see ya next time!’–has the power to accelerate your business in a way nothing else can. 

    It’s time to build systems you feel good about, and your clients rave about.

    Where authenticity and simplicity collide.

    Hey. I'm Kimi

    The Peloton riding, red wine drinking, plant-loving friend who will organize your Tupperware cupboard just for sh*ts and gigs. 

    A few years ago I had a friend tell me, “you’re the person who made me believe in people again.” After pulling myself up from the puddle of emotions the comment turned me into, I realized something really important...  Caring is my superpower. 

    I was always told I cared too much – about family, friends, details and processes, acquaintances, and admittedly even all the characters on One Tree Hill (how could you not?!). But instead of trying to care less, I leaned into it. And you know what happened? I quit my corporate job and founded this company centered entirely around the value of caring too much

    Pairing my obsessive need for organization (and my desire to get rid of inefficiencies) with my heart for people, I now help business owners find a balance between time-saving automations and heart-centered client experiences. 

    Get to Know Me More

    What if you could work with dream clients who value your work AND get paid for the lifestyle you want to live?

    This free resource is for you if you're ready to:
    • stop booking clients at your current hourly packages
    • work with a few ideal clients that value you and your work (not just ad hoc, random administrative tasks)
    • craft your own packages that play into your zone of genius, so that you can create the lifestyle and business you want

      so they say...

      "Kimi developed systems that continue to help me to this day and
      strategies to retain existing clients - encouraging repeat business."


      "Kimi is organized, compassionate, and  she puts her heart and soul into everything she does."