I'm Kimi; nice to meet ya!

Grab your coffee (I’m already on my second) & stay awhile— 

Want to hear about how I became a client experience connoisseur?  PS: I’m the queen of talking fast and side tangents–but I’ll try to make this a quick story. 

So it all started when I was five (don’t worry, I won’t give you a yearly play-by-play)... but seriously when I was five my mom would drop me off at her friends’ houses to organize their Tupperware for them. No joke. My organizational abilities definitely started young

I grew up to love planners, color-coding calendars, and itemized to-do lists–although a tidy Tupperware cupboard still is *chef’s kiss* to me. When I played field hockey at Rutgers University I was dubbed the unofficial team mom–always prepared, always helping, always the study partner, and always the shoulder to cry on. 

- Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself.
Everyone else is already taken. "

After I graduated, I found myself at some not-so-great jobs. Each one left me feeling unfulfilled and completely drained. I even started questioning my impact and abilities--which wasn't like me. After the third job transition, I started to realize mayyyybe this whole working to make someone else rich thing wasn’t for me.

So after a lot of overthinking and brainstorming, I started my online business working as a virtual assistant. I loved helping business owners, learning new technology, and dipping my toes into the world of coaching, group program management, and client experience support for various clients. 

But something still felt off. I’m a big follow-your-intuition type person, so after a lot of introspection, I started planning my pivot to a client experience and operations strategist. Now I get to pair my obsessive need for efficiency with my heart for people to help business owners find a balance between time-saving automations and heart-centered client experiences. 

Ready to work together?

When you care, clients notice.

 “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” 

Let's show your clients you care

- You remember the not-so-nice woman you dealt with behind the register.
- You remember the customer support team that put you on hold for over an hour.
- You remember the confusing automated phone prompts.

- You also remember the mom-and-pop shop down the street with the kindest owners ever.
- You remember the restaurant with the next-level service.
- You remember the big investment you made that was so worth it.

And you probably told your friends about all of these experiences – good or bad.
It’s not all about systems, processes, and automations that give you some time back in your day. 

It’s all about how you make your clients feel. 

- Maya Angelou

To me, about pages are really just a vibe-check.

You probably already know by now if I’m the type of person you want to work with, so here’s how to know if you pass my vibe check: 

> You care a lot about your clients and the experience they get from you.
> Your business goals go far beyond hitting income thresholds. 
> You like to have a good time while you get sh*t done. 
> You are the kind of person to trust an expert to do the work you hire them to do. 
> You respect boundaries and understand nobody’s life should revolve around work. 
> You aren’t afraid to shake things up in your industry. 

I passed the vibe-check