What if you could finally take your business to the next level, enjoy the time and money freedoms of being your own boss, AND increase your income and your impact with your clients...
-- without sacrificing your time for money and feeling so burnt out?

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An online course for Virtual Assistants who are ready to level up their business and impact. 

You're a virtual assistant (VA) or work in some type of operations role - and you're frustrated because you KNOW you have more to offer your clients but haven’t found the right way to support them. 

Does this also sound familiar?

And at the end of the day, YOU really WANT TO BUILD YOUR EMPIRE AND MAKE MORE OF AN IMPACT IN YOUR CLIENTS' BUSINESSES  — you see others in the online business space living this every single day as they grow their business, but you feel capped where you're at and don't know what to do to get to that next level.

You want to spend more time doing the things you love (in business and in life)
but you feel like you've hit a ceiling with your growth.

You feel like you're on a hamster wheel with little to no forward movement in your business. You go through the motions with the work you're currently doing.

You're ready to move away from tiered hourly admin packages and into a more impactful, higher level role where you can 3, 4 or even 5x your prices. 

Believe me when I say I get it... because I’ve been exactly where you are right now.

I was frustrated with offering the different tiered hourly admin packages as a Virtual Assistant. And I knew I could be making more of a strategic and effective impact.

The thing is, you want to grow your business to the next level, but...

  • The hourly based admin packages are no longer fulfilling to you so you don't want to continue adding new clients (with those packages) to your roster. 
  • You don't know what that "next level" role really looks like. 
  • You're a jill or jack of all trades (and that's a freakin' SUPERPOWER) - but you haven't been embodying that

So... what is it?

Supporting your clients as a strategic partner, playing to your many strengths, while also enjoying the time & money freedoms of being your own boss is possible. You have SO MUCH to offer - it's time to step into that super power.

Why don't you feel empowered to create your own unicorn, right-hand role for your clients that simultaneously highlights your strengths AND makes a bigger impact?

Before we get into that, I think it’s time for some good news:

If you're a Virtual Assistant, you absolutely CAN support your dream clients at a higher level, by stepping into their business as their right hand;
a Chief Operations Officer (better known as a COO).

Just imagine what that would actually be like:

  • The ability to reach that next level in your zone of genius (by implementing high level strategic systems into your ideal clients' businesses) - and fully embodying your strengths as a strategic partner.

  • Having the time freedom to walk your dog mid-day, meet a friend for lunch on a Tuesday, or fully unplug on a weekend and KNOW you're still supporting your clients in an incredibly supportive and effective way.

  • To work with clients on a higher level. More than just basic VA/tech support - you're using your strategic, operational brain to help reduce efficiencies, solve problems, and support the CEO in scaling their businesses.
  • Feeling invaluable to your clients: charging more so that you can work with a few high level, DREAM clients at once as opposed to 8-9 retainer clients at lower hourly packages.

All of that CAN be your reality thanks to
the KJ Framework: my simple and intentional strategy to level up your offer suite and make more of an impact. 

the KJ Framework:

Which can only be found inside of…

Organized & Authentic

Support your dream clients as a true strategic partner in their business using your operational brand & efficiency-minded nature to support them and YOU in a sustainable way.

Organized and Authentic is the missing link that will help you finally feel confident stepping into that next level, strategic role with your clients, using your operational brain and efficiency-minded nature to TRULY level up (both your business and theirs).


I’ve taken everything that I learned on my journey and put it into Organized and Authentic because it’s exactly what I wish I had when I was getting started in the online space. 

It’s my mission to help as many operations-minded people as possible (who know they have a ton to offer) fast-forward through the BS by simply focusing on what works.

Organized and Authentic would have saved me SO MUCH energy, time, and frustration. I can’t wait for it to do the same for you.

hey I'm Kimi

I used to be exactly where you are...  (VA, OBM, Client Experience Specialist - I had all the titles) - frustrated and wanting to do, be, and offer more in my business but not knowing what that looked like exactly or having any idea how to get there. 

I spent a ton of time creating packages based on my skills and expertise and offering what I saw being promoted in the virtual assistant world - with little to no fulfilment. I worked with my own clients offering random packages, I worked at an agency making their set $25/hr. rate, and I even dabbled in project based, VIP day work - trying with all I had to figure it out. 

I knew that if I stayed in that spot, I'd end up right back in corporate in no time. 

I am ready!

business coach

"The systems Kimi has built out in my business have helped me scale in ways I never could have imagined! So grateful! I would not have scaled to 7 figures + without these systems in place."



"It's been a game changer to track my leads, have automations to support them, and to keep my client content submissions organized! These systems have helped me save so much time and energy."


business coach

"Getting the systems in my business created and organized gave me so much confidence and I know it was set up the right way with Kimi’s strategy and templates!"


Testimonials like these are exactly why I created ORGANIZED & AUTHENTIC. You ready for results like this?

Organized & Authentic is a self-study, curriculum-based course for Virtual Assistants looking to level up how they're supporting and working with their clients. It includes a combination of recorded modules, tutorials, resources, and templates.

Here’s what you’ll learn on the inside:


On the other side of this phase, you will feel confident setting up lead tracking systems and automations as well as a client management system for your clients. You will learn the tools and strategies to keep all the key elements for a kickass client experience organized in the best way.



Combine the three columns from this chart here for each week! Watch the offer over-the-shoulder tutorial for an example of how to do this.

Module Name Goes Here


You will learn how to look at what your client has in place, and fill in any gaps to make their backend operate way more efficiently: from their current programs, courses, and offers, to new ideas, to SOPs - you will feel confident with a strategic plan to have it all work together. 



Inside this phase, you will learn how to become that true right-hand to your client(s) - you'll learn how to create agile backend processes, systems to manage their calendar, drive, and inbox way more efficiently, tech integrations, and so much more!



Combine the three columns from this chart here for each week! Watch the offer over-the-shoulder tutorial for an example of how to do this.

Module Name Goes Here


Tying the first three phases together, this last phase will support you in implementing all the systems, processes, and different things learned - as well as help you build out your business to embody this uplevel! 


Lifetime access to all of the lessons so you can refer back to these strategies when working with your clients
(or any new client)

Step-by-Step Trainings

 Lifetime access to the workbook, templates, resources, and tech tutorials for your to utilize and implement directly into your clients' businesses.

Materials & Resources

To ask additional questions, there's a question submission link inside the portal where you can get further support if needed!


The ability to reach the next level in your business because you have processes and systems that you can confidently implement for your clients.

On the other side of Organized & Authentic, you’ll experience results like:

Processes + systems that grow alongside your clients' growth & uplevel; and clarity around the how the different systems best work together for efficiency.

Knowing your clients are well supported because of the systems in place - so when you take a random day off you're not worried about fires popping up left and right (there's an SOP for that )

Way less chaotic energy overall in your business - you're working in your zone of genius & avoiding burn out because you're no longer overworking yourself with tiered hourly admin packages.

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Here’s Everything You Get Access To

4 program phases with step-by-step tutorials

Lifetime access to all recordings, materials, and templates

My effective and intentional blueprint to systemize the backend of a business (A to Z) in a sustainable way -- that you can integrate into your dream clients' businesses.

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Within 15 minutes you will receive an email from me with login instructions for ThriveCart.

Step 02:

Log into the portal, roll up your sleeves and dive in! Get ready to level up your business and your systems !!

Step 03:

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the investment

You know which option I’m voting for. Because...

In 3 weeks, you could be pitching your current clients some of your new upleveled, COO services to better support them in the backend. 

In 3 months, you could be transitioning your current clients away from hourly packages and finalizing your COO role - which means you're one step closer to saying goodbye to hourly admin packages FOREVER.

And in a year, you could be the COO for a handful of your ideal clients - supporting them in their business, as you're building your own dream life + empire simultaneously. 

* You GET to have both: a fulfilling operations-based business AND the time and money freedom of being your own boss. 

But that’s ONLY IF you choose option 2 and get my simple and intentional strategy to level up your offer suite and all of the tools, strategies, accountability, AND support that you need to make your dreams a reality inside of Organized and Authentic.

Now you’ve got two choices:

Close this page and continue on with business as usual... frustrated, not feeling fulfilled with the work you're doing in your clients' businesses, hitting roadblocks as you reach for that next level (you can't keep adding more hourly admin clients to your workload or you'll burn out),


Scroll to the bottom of this page to enroll in Organized and Authentic and take the first step towards that next level. 


You might be wondering...

What if I don’t have clients to implement this with right now?

You have lifetime access to the modules, lessons, resources, and all the content inside. This course is designed to help you feel confident about all the ways you can support your clients (present and future) -- there is also a bonus section about how to put yourself / your services out there inside! 

What happens after I sign up?

As soon as you enroll in Organized and Authentic, you get immediate access to the ThriveCart portal with all the modules and trainings inside.

I still have a question! Can I DM you?

Absolutely! If you have additional questions about the program, let's chat!- @kimijevicbrooks

I’ve tried different "systems" courses before but either never finished them or felt like something was missing. How will this be different?

This course is designed to teach you an understanding of how to customize systems and processes, with a human and agile approach, that evolves WITH your business as you grow (not just putting a bunch of templates together and hoping they do the job).

If you’re all the way at the bottom of this page, it means you’re having a hard time deciding whether or not Organized & Authentic is right for you.

I want you to know that it's possible to scale your business to 6 figures while working in an operations/ backend role, without burning out and feeling overworked with clients on hourly packages. 

You get to create what this role looks like. Redefine what your relationship looks like with your dream clients. And fully embody your operational superpowers.

Organized and Authentic will give you the tools, structure, and blueprint to building sustainable and authentic systems in your clients' businesses so that you can confidently level up - and live your dream life alongside your dream business.

So, what do you say??

Are you ready to elevate your business & step into that Chief Operations role?

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