Organized & Authentic

THE course to support you and your team in creating efficient,
sustainable, and intentional systems in your coaching business --
that grow with you and elevate you to your next level. 

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That's where I come in. I'll teach you how to go hire, figure out what type of person you're looking for, what tasks you don't like doing, what tasks you do love doing...

Then my course trains your new hire on the systems, organization, tech, etc... It's a curriculum-based course designed specifically for business coaches like you to organize & optimize ALL the things.

You're in the right place if:

* you're a business coach or course creator 
* you know you want to scale but there’s not enough time in the day
* you know it’s probably time to bring on a team member but you
have no idea where to start looking, how to train them, etc. 

Furthermore, you don’t even have the time to train them!

So you’re on a mission to level up your business and hire a team but maybe you aren't really sure what that looks like...

You love serving your clients and you get lit the heck up doing the work that excites you in your business. But on the flip side -- you're feeling frustrated because you're spending a lot of time NOT in that space;  you're constantly working IN your business (not on your business).

If we’re being honest, you’re feeling pretty exhausted because juggling a million balls at once can really wear a person out.  You're over this feeling and need to make a change before you fully burn out. 

Does this sound about right?

Then you, my friend, are in the right place.

You jump from client call to client call, feeling chaotic, because you don't have any solid systems set up to keep you organized.

Does this also sound familiar?

And at the end of the day, YOU really WANT TO BUILD YOUR EMPIRE AND MAKE MORE OF AN IMPACT with your CLIENTS  — but you're plateauing because for every 1 step forward you take, you're then taking 2 steps back.

You want to actually enjoy the time freedom of being the CEO that you are -- you built a business that excites you, but are not living and enjoying that excitement as much as you'd like.

You feel like you're on a hamster wheel with little to no forward movement in your business. You go through the motions and you have no white space on your calendar to build and grow.

You know you need to hire someone to support you but have no idea where to start, what that looks like, or what you would even "assign" them to do in your business.

Just imagine what that would actually be like:

  • The ability to reach that next level in your business - and turning your brain off when you close your laptop; KNOWING that things are running smoothly behind the scenes.  

  • Having systems built out in a way that support you and your growth -- because they were fully designed with you, the CEO, in mind.

  • To be in the zone when you're working with your clients because the rest of the business has structure to support you. No more chaotic energy all the time.
  • To have peace of mind in the organization behind the scenes (the same feeling you get when you have a decluttered, clean home). 

All of that CAN be your reality thanks to
the KJ Framework: my simple and intentional strategy to level up the backend systems in your business.

the KJ Framework:

Which can only be found inside of…

Organized and Authentic is the missing link that will help you finally feel confident that your business is running smoothly. No more constant disorganization or putting out fires alll the time -- there will be intentional structure to your backend that will actually support you and your growth.


Organized & Authentic

THE course to support you and your team in creating efficient,
sustainable, and intentional systems in your business --
that grow with you and elevate you to your next level. 

I’ve taken everything that I learned on my journey and put it into Organized and Authentic because it’s exactly what I wish I had when I was getting started in the online space. 

It’s my mission to help as many business owners as I can create systems that actually work for their business - by simplifying and being intentional AF -- and focusing on what works.

Organized and Authentic came to life by me focusing on what I've done for my clients successfully and systemizing it so it can work for you too.

hey I'm Kimi

I've had all the titles...  (VA, OBM, Client Experience Specialist, Ops Assistant) -  and with those titles came experience and sooo many lessons. There came a point that I knew I wanted to do, be, and offer more in my business - and support my clients in a more intentional way. 

I spent a ton of time creating packages based on my skills and expertise and offering what I saw being promoted in the virtual assistant world - with little to no fulfilment. I worked with my own clients offering ad hoc packages, I worked at an agency making their set $25/hr. rate, and I even dabbled in project based, VIP day work - trying with all I had to figure it out. 

I knew that if I stayed in that spot, I'd end up right back in corporate in no time. 


business coach

"The systems Kimi has built out in my business have helped me scale in ways I never could have imagined! So grateful! I would not have scaled to 7 figures + without these systems in place."



"It's been a game changer to track my leads, have automations to support them, and to keep my client content submissions organized! These systems have helped me save so much time and energy."



"Getting the systems in my business created and organized gave me so much confidence and I know it was set up the right way with Kimi’s strategy and templates!"


Testimonials like these are exactly why I created ORGANIZED & AUTHENTIC. You ready for results like this?

Organized & Authentic is designed for coaches who are ready to organize & optimize their backend systems -- so that they can sustainably scale.

It's a self-study, curriculum-based course, designed for your team to work through, that includes a combo of recorded modules, tutorials, resources, and templates.

Here’s what's on the inside:


On the other side of this phase, you and your team will feel confident tracking leads with ease and building out automations for both leads and active clients. You will learn the tools and strategies to keep all the key elements for a kickass client experience organized in the best way.



Combine the three columns from this chart here for each week! Watch the offer over-the-shoulder tutorial for an example of how to do this.

Module Name Goes Here


Your team will look at what your business has in place now, and fill in any gaps to get you closer to your goals. Your backend operations will be getting a makeover to operate way more efficiently - from your current programs, courses, offers, new ideas, SOPs. There will be a strategic plan to have it all work together. 



Inside this phase, your team will learn how to become that true right-hand to you - they'll work through creating agile backend processes, systems to manage your calendar, drive, and inbox way more efficiently, with tech integrations, and so much more!



Combine the three columns from this chart here for each week! Watch the offer over-the-shoulder tutorial for an example of how to do this.

Module Name Goes Here


Tying the first three phases together, this last phase will support your team with the full A-Z implementation --  all the systems, processes, and different things learned throughout coming together.


Lifetime access to all of the lessons so you and your team can refer back to these strategies.

Step-by-Step Trainings

 Lifetime access to the workbook, templates, resources, and tech tutorials for your to utilize and implement.

Materials & Resources

To ask additional questions, there's a question submission link inside the portal where you can get further support if needed!


The ability to reach the next level in your business because you have processes and systems that you can confidently rely on in your business. 

On the other side of Organized & Authentic, you’ll experience results like:

Processes + systems that grow alongside your growth & uplevel; and a sigh or relief knowing that things behind the scenes are working.

space and time in your calendar (and in your brain) to spend focusing on the stuff that lights you up in your business. and to have fun creating new ideas.

Way less chaotic energy overall in your business - you're working in your zone of genius & avoiding burn out because you're no longer overworking yourself - you're able to show up as your best self.

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Here’s Everything You Get Access To

4 program phases with step-by-step tutorials for your team to implement

Lifetime access to all recordings, materials, and templates

My effective and intentional blueprint to systemize the backend of your business (A to Z) in a sustainable way

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Here's How it Works...

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Step 02:

Log into the portal, roll up your sleeves and dive in! Get ready to level up your business and your systems !!

Phase 1 is designed for you to work through with your team - but the rest is for them to work through and implement in your business!

Step 03:

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the investment

You might be wondering...

What if I don’t have clients to implement this with right now?

You have lifetime access to the modules, lessons, resources, and all the content inside. This course is designed to help you feel confident about all the ways you can support your clients (present and future) -- there is also a bonus section about how to put yourself / your services out there inside! 

What happens after I sign up?

As soon as you enroll in Organized and Authentic, you get immediate access to the ThriveCart portal with all the modules and trainings inside.

I still have a question! Can I DM you?

Absolutely! If you have additional questions about the program, let's chat!- @kimijevicbrooks

I’ve tried different "systems" courses before but either never finished them or felt like something was missing. How will this be different?

This program is designed to teach you/your team an understanding of how to customize systems and processes, with a human and agile approach, that evolves WITH your business as you grow (not just putting a bunch of templates together and hoping they do the job).

If you’re all the way at the bottom of this page, it means you’re having a hard time deciding whether or not Organized & Authentic is right for you.

I want you to know that it's possible to set up systems that make the most sense for your business structure, offers, and life. You don't have to stay in this chaotic energy forever 🥲

This program came to life after I made the shift to step into a "Chief Operations Officer" role in my client's business. Her business has since been revolutionized and she has scaled to 7+ figures - with intentional systems built out in every aspect of her backend. This is possible for you, too. 

Organized and Authentic will give you and your team the tools, structure, and blueprint to building sustainable and authentic systems in your business so that you can THRIVE in your zone of genius. 

So, what do you say??

Are you ready to elevate the systems in your business to support your level up?

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